What Can Be Stored Inside of a Storage Unit?

People take advantage of the space offered from storage units on a daily basis. Many people use storage when they are moving into a new home, but they’re suitable for a variety of additional situations as well. What can be put inside of a storage unit? Let’s take a look at some of the ideas.

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Household Goods

Considering that most people rent a self storage facility stockton ca when they’re moving, it’s only right that you can store your household goods inside the unit. From sofas and ranges to clothing and knick knacks, the storage unit holds them all safely inside.

Musical Instruments

Have musical instruments with no place to store them? Don’t worry anymore when you can rent a storage unit to store your musical instruments. Guitars, pianos, drums sets- no matter the instruments you own, the storage unit accommodates them all.

Estate Items

If you inherited an estate, you can use a storage unit to store the belongings. There are units in all sizes so it’s easy to accommodate a little or a lot of stuff. There is no worry about the items when they’re under lock and key at a storage unit.

E-Commerce Items

Operate an e-commerce business? Where do you store your products? Many people take advantage of storage for these items, since it is safe, secure, and keeps the clutter out of their home.


If you collect antiques, use a storage unit to hold them safely until you make other plans. A lot of people love to collect antiques and find that it fills their home space perhaps a bit too much. Storage units provide the solution.

The items above are among the many that can be safely stored inside of a storage unit!